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Rent Monthly Car Dubai Eco-Friendly With Hala Drive Car Rental 

Hala Drive offers a convenient solution if you're looking to rent monthly car Dubai while prioritizing an eco-friendly approach. Opt for our eco-friendly package to ensure a lighter carbon footprint, providing a cleaner, greener option for your extended rental period. Experience the benefits of a Hala Drive monthly car rental deal with lower emissions, an excellent driving experience, and a more environmentally conscious way to explore the UAE. 

Why Drive Eco-Friendly? 

We are all aware of the effects of our modern lifestyle on the environment. The impact increases with the amount of oil and gas we utilize. For this reason, introducing electric and hybrid cars is essential to our future. They are the next phase in automotive technology. 

Drivers can enjoy the best of both worlds with hybrid cars. They use a "dual drivetrain," which combines a conventional gasoline engine with several electric motors. You can convert to electric power for traveling within the town. It's an affordable way to run to the shops, drop the kids off at school, or do the daily commute because it's silent, smooth, and without emissions. 

What Is The Availability In Our Fleet? 

With Hala Drive's monthly car rental service in Dubai, you have the flexibility to choose from our range of popular hybrid and electric vehicles. Whether you prefer a sedan or a family-friendly crossover, our eco-friendly packages cater to all preferences. Explore our options and enjoy the convenience of renting a monthly car in Dubai with us. 

What Do Our Eco-Friendly Monthly Packages Have To Offer? 

Like all our monthly flexible packages, eco-friendly packages come with many choices. You can rent a car for a few weeks at a time and extend it every month. For total peace of mind, consider a three- or six-month plan. You can increase your monthly deal to select the one that best fits your needs and way of life. 

How Much Can I Drive Every Month? 

You get 2,500 km per month with Dubai's eco-friendly car rental packages. That should satisfy your daily errands, school runs, and shopping needs, with enough fuel left over for your weekend trips. You pay more to cover wear and tear on the vehicle if you drive more than your allotted 2,500 miles. 

Are There Any Extras? 

The best thing about eco-friendly car rental packages is that they include conventional insurance coverage, so you don't need to worry about that. Free delivery and pickup to your door are also included. We also provide a complimentary first-month charge if you select one of our all-electric cars. 

Please speak with a staff member to learn more about Hala Drive's monthly car rental services in Dubai and our alternatives for renting hybrid or electric vehicles.