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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we hear more often.

Getting a car on rent from Hala Drive gives you a great overall experience for specified period. It seems to be a  great experience for visitors and, business travellers, and those looking to discover country. By choosing our services of renting a car, one can select various car models, including economy and opulent vehicles 4x4s. The vehicles are available with insurance breakdown help.

It totally depends upon your selected car, including length of time, based on reason of renting it. The economy vehicles usually begin with 100 AED (Approximately $27) per day. Luxury vehicles can be much more expensive based on the car type. Additional fees can also apply, including extra insurance driver and other charges.

Of course, customers must be 21 years old for renting vehicle. If driving expert is younger than 25 years old, then they may incur an additional young driver surcharge. An international driving permit or UAE driving license may also be required before a reservation would be made.

Generally, most rent a car services providers require an international driving permit or valid UAE license. In case if someone has no license, you may be able to use your own country's driving license if it is accompanied by an international driving permit issued by your local authorities.

Some rental companies may charge extra for additional services such as airport pickup/drop-off, GPS navigation systems, baby/child seats etc. Some suppliers will also levy late return fees if the customer fails to return the vehicle at the agreed-upon time and date.

In most cases, yes, but you must check with your chosen rental company beforehand as each has its own rules and regulations for taking their vehicles out of state or country borders. You may also need special permits if planning on travelling outside the UAE, so make sure you are aware of these before departure.

Yes, we accept major credit cards as payment when renting cars. Be sure to carefully read through all deposits and refunds policies before making any payments.